Dark Island Trail – DJI Osmo Pocket Action

I was supposed to be hiking that morning, but the little demon of laziness whispered the sweet nothings of a short nap in my ear. I didn’t want to listen, but I felt compelled to at least here him out.
30 minutes later I looked at the clock.

“Oh no,” I thought. “I am going to be late.”

After months and months of putting off hiking adventures, I finally took the plunge. DJI Osmo Pocket and Samsung Galaxy S6 in hand, I met up with Funguy Nick Robison and Coolguy Tjaden Schroder for a journey into the seldom explored Dark Island Trail in Central City, Nebraska.

I made it to the location before they got there. I was on time, even though I took a power nap. They, however, were late. They were so late I had to time to get most of my gear together and get preliminary footage for my vlog.

After what felt like an eternity they finally graced me with an appearance. Nicke was decked from head to toe with recording gear. He had action cams, microphones, and even a Sony Mirrorless Camera strapped around his neck.

Tjaden, not much of a vloggers was just decked out in casual clothing and a smile.
A couple handshakes a greetings later we were on the trail and Nick Robison had already merged into Funguy Nick.

That dude is a vlogging machine. Here I was struggling to get any good sound out of my Osmo Pocket and he was already through his channel introduction, down the trail, and to the bridge. I was there too, but I had nothing unusable.

The Osmo Pocket, while great as a video camera, is lacking as an audio recorder. I was having to use a dual recorder set-up with my Galaxy S6 as the sound recorder. Take after take I was slapping my shoulder to create a visual link to the sound. Take after I was struggling to keep up with the action. Eventually, I was like, “Forget this, I am just going to use the Pocket.”

After that, things were a lot easier. I got really good footage of the action, but the sound was a bit lacking. It didn’t matter though. We had a good time and I was able to cut together a pretty decent video.