Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

A few of my Vlogging Buddies and I had a horror movie contest for Halloween 2018.

We each had to write, produce, shoot, act in, and edit our movie without any help. One person had to do everything and be everyone.

The completed video had to be uploaded and public before 8:00 central time.

I was so so busy that week I didn’t begin working until the morning before the deadline. I got up at 4:30 AM without a script and began shooting all of the interior shots based off images I imagined on the fly.

When the sun rose, I made my way to the creepy old house two lots down the street. I didn’t lollygag, I was there just long enough to get the footage I needed. After that I ran back to my house for some Davinci Resolve magic.

Could I have done better if I had used all the allotted time? Absolutely. Still, it was a fun experience, and we all got out videos uploaded on time. Well, everyone but that GUY. You know that guy. He always turns everything in late. Ha Ha!

Next time I’ll probably start working on it earlier. Well, maybe…