Misadventures in Cinema: Chicago

I didn’t think I was going to make it through the summer of 2011.  While I had endured greater obstacles in my life, it was just the toll of dealing with emotional turmoil day after day and year after year.  I needed to make a change.  I needed to go to…

Chicago was going to be a part of the Man of Steel production.  I happened upon the Dark Knight Casting call from a few months earlier, but was unable to attend.  I vowed that this time would be different.  Of course, as luck would have it, this time was not different at all.  I somehow confused the dates.  I missed the casting call by a day, but I did get assigned to a casting agency.

Not long after that I received a phone call about a new television show called the Playboy Club.  It was going to be based upon the 1960’s Chicago Club of the same name.  Apparently, they liked my photo and they wanted me to be in the pilot episode.  Which, of course was cool, but I had to be there in 12 hours.

Living in Nebraska and having other responsibilities I knew there was no way I could make that, so I asked for an extension.

“Sure,” said the voice on the phone.  “But I cannot guarantee it will still be open when you get here.”

I was desperate for anything.  I took the chance.  That same day I ended up seeing a Craigslist ad for a 48 hour film crew.  I replied to it, but was turned down.

“Oh well.” I thought.  “I still have the Playboy club.”

That Friday morning was brutal.  I went from a nine hour overnight bus ride to an insanely short impromptu meeting with an assistant’s assistant who happened to be the spitting image of a young Charlize Theron.

I was flabbergasted.  I was flush.  I was so nervously stupid.  I stammered.  I stuttered.  I fumbled my way through the process and left a very sad man.  It was then I decided to try the 48 Hour Film crew one more time.

Nikki, the director of the project reluctantly, agreed to let me help.  It was at that moment that the Fourth,   my afterthought project, ended up becoming my first step into the world of motion pictures.

BTW, I didn’t get to do the pilot for the Playboy Club, but I was offered a featured extra position on the show after it was picked up.  It was cancelled before I had a chance to do anything, but at least that’s something.