Ask Lyndrick: Shazam vs Superman

What were you afraid of as a child?

When I was younger there was a huge tree with a shadow that tormented me throughout the night. The wind would blow and the shadow would eerily creep along the curtains.

When I was a bit older my grandmother would watch Unsolved Mysteries just before I had to walk my cousin home. Each and every time we swore we saw space aliens. On the way back I would have either a stick or a baseball bat for protection.

It really didn’t matter because I always hear something rustling in the trees. Which of course meant I ended up throwing my stick and running back to my grandmother’s house.

Do you sing in the shower, if so, what do you sing?

I do sing in the shower. It really depends on my mood. Lately I have been singing original songs. Yes, I do have songs that I’ve written. Whether they will be released at some point or not, I don’t know.

Green Lantern, Shazam or Superman?

I was such a Superman fan when I was younger. Now I would say that I like Superman but I am more of a Shazam fan. In fact, any time they have ever battled I have openly rooted for Shazam.

Green Lantern doesn’t do much for me either way. I think the character is cool, and I enjoyed the Green Lantern video game on PlayStation 3, but I am not a Green Lantern guy.

What is your ancestry?

I am African, French Creole, Irish, Native American.

A Painful Life lesson?

Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and wait it out. I am a fixer. I try to fix things that are broken. Sometimes it is better to not micromanage situations. In fact, I would say that patient positivity usually helps more than well meant criticism.