My name is Lyndrick Collins, and I am a Producer, Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Editor, Influencer, Youtuber and Adventurer from from Warren, Arkansas.

I entered the film industry working as a audio mixer for Men of our Word (2011), and acting in the 48 hour film festival classic “The Fourth”.

Over the next couple years I took on the roles of Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor and Editor in such works as Griffin and Gretchen, Popsicles in the Garage, Angels Aliens and Monsters: Prologue, Vanjacker Jack, and Trespassers Will Be Eaten.

I also worked with other artists to co-write screenplays for Urban Legend (2017) and Un-Received Love, as well as acting in short-form content Surridere, Killer Thriller and the Feature-Length Horror drama A Cold Day in Hell.

As a freelance videographer and editor I worked with various teams on numerous projects ranging from full-length documentary features to creating supplementary content for the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid Series.

Some of my interests outside of Video Production include traveling to exotic locales, experiencing new events and cultures, anything and everything science fiction related, amusement parks, funnel cakes, caramel apples, and Pink Bubble Gum ice cream.

Yes, I included food in my interests. Why not? Ice Cream is yummy and this year is poised to be another awesome adventure with the theatrical release of the action dramedy Lyncredible and a fun Soap Opera parody As the Corn Grows.

So Buckle Up, Engage, and get ready for a wild and Exciting ride.