I Survived my first 5 day Water-Fast.

I survived my first 5 day water-fast. I do mean survived. I had researched possibly doing a 5 day fast at some point, but I knew I never really would do it.

We didn’t make it back until much later than I anticipated, so I was like what the heck, I’m almost 24 hours into a fast, lets go for it.

One day I was going out of town and the only place we were stopping to eat was extremely unpleasant place I didn’t want to go, so I decided to put off eating until I got home.

I went to bed with an entire 24 hours behind me. The next morning was fine. I was hungry, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t experienced before. I began drinking lightly salted water to keep the most unpleasant side effects at bay.

It was fine. It was good. I mean I did have some brain fog going on, but I didn’t have a headache and the hunger pangs were not as bad as I would have thought. That night I crawled into bed triumphant.

The next morning I was a tiny bit hungry, but for the most part it was just my mind saying “Dude” Shouldn’t we be eating right now. My stomach was quiet and the water was doing its job. I felt so good I worked out a bit. Nothing too crazy.

Just some pull-ups, dips, treadmill activity.

Hunger wise, I was good. I didn’t even have issues when people around me ate foods I would normally crave.

Chinese and Pizza I am talking about you.

Physically, my body was strong. I was coldish, but when am I not cold? I am a creature of Hades Like temperatures.

Mentally, I was awesome. Time slowed down. I had more focus and less brain fog than I had in years. My senses were heightened. I felt like Wolverine, minus the claws.

Day Four started out just fine. No hunger. No Headaches. I still had energy. In fact, not only did I workout, I even stained the Deck. Okay, I tried to stain the deck. I’m not the best hands on type of person.

That evening I watched television, played video games, and had a grand old time.

Day 5 was horrible.

I woke up much earlier than my usual 5:30 AM, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Time was still passing in slow motion. Even worse than that, I had no energy at all. I was like a super tired version of the Flash. My mind was in overdrive, but my body wasn’t willing.

Going up and down the stairs was an ordeal. Making my bed was like working construction. I tried to get some writing done, but even the act of typing felt like a chore. Amazingly enough, my senses were still sharp. I was just so drained.

That evening I broke my fast with bone broth, some Cal-Mag Fizz, and way too much watermelon. I got my grub on, but I didn’t pig out. I finally got a call…

Oh wait, haha. Never mind. That was a song.

The next day I was back physically, but I was also Hangry. My body wanted to make sure I was a grumpy old goat for the next day or so.

Now, a few weeks removed from the fast I’m good. Well, I’m okay. I lost about 12 lbs and two inches from my waist. In fact, I am still down about 15 lbs. I got my wisdom teeth removed after that, so I lost about 5 lbs more.

That would be good for most people. Me? I’m a stick right now. So I will probably end up trying to gain some lean mass before my next fast.

Wait, What? I’m doing it again?

Absolutely. Just not for a while. As much as I enjoy the health benefits, I have to right the ship before I set sail.