How to Write a No-Budget Screenplay

You have no money. You have limited locations. You have very little equipment. How in the world can you make a movie? First and foremost, you have to be realistic about what you can actually do. If you don’t know many people, have limited resources, and the only gear you have is that old phone … Read more

Casting and Directing Actors for Independent Films

Actors, Actors, Actors! Great performances from your actors can transform an average scene into something magical. While it may seem like directing only occurs on set, the process actually starts long before you begin the movie, during a tiny little thing called casting. Casting Actors Your first thought during casting should be to find the … Read more

Cinematography for Independent Films

As a cinematographer, your mission is the capture the most visually pleasing image the location and equipment will allow.  Location scouting is essential. You need to know where the magic will happen before each and every shot.  Granted, things can change and sometimes an angle just doesn’t work the way you anticipated.  That is okay, … Read more

Sound Design and Audio Production

Audio is often the most neglected part of indie cinema.  Creators will spend time and money crafting the best image they can, but very little of either to record excellent audio. Think about the last time you saw a movie with a great image, but the lip-syncing was just a little bit off or perhaps … Read more

Lighting and Exposure for Independent Films

What is noise? Have you ever seen a poorly lit video with grainy randomly moving particles in the dark areas of the image?  Perhaps the particles were even visible in the brighter areas as well. These particles are visual noise. They are the by-products of poorly exposed shots.  The less light a scene has the … Read more

Video Production Gear and Equipment for Filmmakers

Camera: Selecting the right camera is essential for effective storytelling. Regardless of whether you have access to analog or digital equipment, focus on maximizing the capabilities of the camera at your disposal. While resolution is a factor to consider, it shouldn’t be your sole concern. You can achieve compelling visuals with cameras offering various resolutions, … Read more